About Us

ShoeZone has made a name for itself as one of the leading retailers of fashion, footwear and sportswear. Always on the lookout for new and upcoming brands, we’ve got our finger firmly on the pulse of the formal, casual and sports fashion scene.

With brands including leading sportswear giants such as Klara, Servis, Reefland, Urban Sole, Hush Puppies, CAT, Brunello, Pierre Cardin, Starlet, Wej, Clive, Jump etc  all under our belt.  Our roster is being constantly refreshed to keep you up to date with the latest lines season to season.

At ShoeZone we pride ourselves on our huge range of footwear and accessories, with our store constantly displaying our collections in fresh and exciting ways. Our staff is always eager to help, hooking you up with the latest in fashion and footwear trends.